A Match

Diamonds may look the same on paper, but there is an art to matching them in person.
custom diamond studs
It's something that can't be measured with a gauge or assessed with a certificate. The certificate and measurements are a good place to start, though. If you can find three or four diamonds that match on paper, you may be in luck for a good match.
Place the diamonds face-up between two fingers. It's of utmost importance at this point to find a defining characteristic of each diamond that is unique in the group so that you won't mix them up. Now, look at them side by side. The differences will jump out at you. It's amazing how different two colorless one carat stones can present. The best match will share qualities that can't be quantified. It won't be the diameter, the cut, or even necessarily the clarity grade. Instead it will be a particular kind of sparkle, fire, and reflection of light on the facets.
This matched pair came together for an anniversary gift, celebrating a pair who came together years before. What could be a more perfect celebration of two lives, joined together. The earrings are set in platinum claws, with threaded posts.
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