Calm Clear Trust

A local mom commissioned this necklace for her teenage son. She wanted medallions with the words calm, clear, and trust engraved on them, which were meaningful in their relationship.
Engraved silver pendants
The medallions were designed on the computer and printed wax. What you don't see too well in the picture are the coin-like ridges we put around the outer edge. This was done specifically to hold the blackening patina. On a smooth surface, the patina will polish itself out with wear, but it will stay in any recesses. This is how the lettering also appears black.

Two different fonts were used – one for the smaller medallions and another for the large one. The lettering is designed in-house and sent out for laser engraving. 
The connections to the chain are not taken for granted. All of the connections have to hang well together and contribute to the overall vibe of the piece.

After casting, cleaning the castings, polishing, assembling, and blackening, each component is sanded to soften the luster and create a nice contrast with the patina.

It may be just a simple silver necklace but there is a lot of care and style that goes into it.
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